Published on 1st April 2014

Young girl trampolining. She is high above the trampoline in a straddle jump.

Between 7 to 17 April, leisure-at-cheltenham will be providing a variety of fun sports activities for children aged between four to eleven years.

Children will have an opportunity to participate in the following sports:

  • Mini squash
  • Trampolining
  • Street dancing
  • Kids Zumba
  • Junior short tennis
  • Junior badminton coaching
  • Swimming crash courses

One of the featured activities is Mini squash. It encourages children from 5-11 years old to get involved in an exciting activity. At £5 per session, the children will develop basic skills as well as coordination and balance.

Children can also pick up key skills in sports such as junior short tennis and the junior badminton sessions. They will also have a chance to try some different activities such as Kids Zumba and trampolining.

Daniel Brookes, Dryside activities and group exercise officer at leisure-at-cheltenham, says: “The Easter holidays provide a great opportunity for us here at leisure-at to put on these courses. It’s important to offer a wide variety of activities for the children to try, because it allows them to find which sport they enjoy doing as they get older.

“We offer more traditional sports such as junior tennis and crash courses in swimming, but we also try and throw in some different activities, such as Kids Zumba and Mini Squash. The courses offered to children are important in developing a culture of participation in the younger year groups.”

Rowena Hay, Cabinet member for culture and sport, added: “These activities are a great way of keeping the children active over the school holidays. Leisure-at are providing a fantastic variety of activities and I hope children across the borough experience the coaching and facilities that leisure-at-cheltenham has to offer."

The full programme of activities can be found on the leisure-at-cheltenham website:

To book a place, call leisure-at-cheltenham on 01242 528764.


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