Local election for Charlton Park ward postponed

Published on 6th May 2014

Polling station sign, large black lettering on white background secured to iron railings

The poll will be reorganised to take place on Thursday 3 July 2014.

Following the sad death of a candidate in Cheltenham’s local election, the poll for the local election in Charlton Park ward will be reorganised to take place on Thursday 3 July 20141.

This means that on Thursday 22 May, voters in Charlton Park will not be able to take part in Cheltenham’s local election, but can take part in the European Parliamentary Elections, which take place on the same day.

Postal votes due to be dispatched to the Charlton Park ward today (6 May 2014) will be amended to make it clear that the Charlton Park ward will not be holding local elections, only European Parliamentary Elections on 22 May 2014. They will be dispatched in the next few days2.

The other three validly nominated candidates for the Charlton Park ward will not need to be re-nominated for the reorganised election. However, they have an opportunity to withdraw if they so wish. New nominations will be possible for the reorganised election and any unsuccessful candidates from the remaining local elections on 22 May will be eligible for nomination in the Charlton Park Ward election on 3 July 2014.

Andrew North, Cheltenham Borough Council’s Returning Officer and Chief Executive, said: “Although Charlton Park voters will not be able to take part in Cheltenham’s local elections on 22 May, I would encourage people to use their votes in the European Elections. And, of course, I would like to encourage all residents in the Charlton Park ward to turn out and vote in the rearranged election on Thursday 3 July 2014.”


For press enquiries, contact: Lisa Davies on 01242 775037 or lisa.davies@www.cheltenham.gov.uk

1. Electoral Commission procedure states that the new polling day should be within 35 working days of the day  fixed for the first election.  
2. Postal votes for the remaining Cheltenham wards will be dispatched today (6 May 2014) as planned.