Published on 11th June 2014

Registering to vote is now simpler thanks to a new online process that has been built around the need of users. The new online system was launched on Tuesday 10 June.

It means Cheltenham residents will be able to register to vote online in just three minutes by simply providing a name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number at

The online registration service has been extensively tested with real users over many months and is compatible with all platforms, including smartphones and tablets, meaning maximum convenience when registering.

With the upcoming election of a borough councillor for the Charlton Park ward on Thursday 3 July 2014, it means Charlton Park ward residents who wish to vote but who are not yet registered, can now register on-line by logging into the new system If people prefer, or do not have internet access, the electoral registration office can send them a form. The deadline to register is Tuesday 17 June.  

Andrew North, Electoral Registration Officer at Cheltenham Borough Council, says: “The launch of this new online system makes it faster and more convenient for Cheltenham residents to register to vote, so we hope it will encourage more residents to do so.

“The launch of this new online tool is part of a wider move to Individual Electoral Registration (IER), where the old and outdated household registration system is being replaced by individual registration. IER will prevent fraud by enabling government to verify that everyone on the register is who they say they are, resulting in greater trust in the legitimacy and fairness of elections.”

For more information, contact the elections office either by telephone: 01242 264132, fax: 01242 264120 or email: [email protected]


For press enquiries, contact: Tom Wheatly, web and communications apprentice, telephone 01242 775192, email [email protected].