Published on 4th August 2014

close up of a dog's face, side on

Six employees at Cheltenham Borough Council, including chief executive, Andrew North, will volunteer at the Cheltenham Animal Shelter as part of the council’s employee volunteering scheme.

The volunteer scheme at the council has been created to offer staff the chance to get involved within the community during a working day. Each member of staff has 16 hours of volunteer time (pro rata) on an annual basis.

The council has decided to volunteer at the animal shelter as it was one of the former mayor’s charities. The volunteer day consists of kennel cleaning, food preparation and animal exercise, followed by essential “cat cuddling”.

Andrew North, chief executive at Cheltenham Borough Council said: “We can’t offer funding at the previous levels to support local charities and community projects so our employee volunteering scheme is of huge value. The scheme allows the council to contribute to the work of local people in the form of staff time rather than money. In many cases we find that time can be of better value than money.”

“I really want staff to use their volunteering hours as this can increase morale, help develop new skills and build team spirit. We can also improve the Council’s understanding of charities and community groups and projects in Cheltenham. So I have signed up to use my volunteering hours at the Animal Shelter next Wednesday to show my full commitment to the scheme.”

He added “Though I am not sure about the cat cuddling – I’m more of a dog person”.

James Clay, from the Cheltenham Animal Shelter said: "Corporate volunteer days are a great way for local organisations to support the Shelter and get a better understanding of what we do. It's fantastic to have a team here from Cheltenham Borough Council, they will experience a real day in the life of the Shelter and having extra willing helpers will allow the kennel team to achieve much more"


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