Published on 20th August 2014

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Cheltenham’s local organisations are now able to bid for money to deliver projects that will help improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Cheltenham.

Thanks to Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucestershire County Council, local establishments can apply to receive a share of funding in order to improve health and wellbeing to the people that need it most.

The fund, which Gloucestershire County Council has allocated £40,000 towards, will go towards those projects that will help people take more responsibility for their health and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles to stop problems developing.

Richard Gibson, Strategy and Engagement Manager said: “We know that on the whole people in Cheltenham are generally healthy, but that not everyone is able to lead healthy lifestyles. We are looking forward to receiving bids from a range of organisations that will support people and communities to take an active role in improving their health.

“The response to our previous grant programmes has demonstrated the sheer commitment and enthusiasm of local groups to take on the challenge of improving quality of life for all people in Cheltenham. We recognise and welcome this effort.

The closing date is Monday 29 September 2014. We aim to assess applications and communicate decisions to applicants shortly after the Cabinet meeting on 14 October 2014.

For more information and application forms, please visit:


For press enquiries, contact: Tom Wheatly, commissioning assistant, tel: 01242 775192 or email: [email protected]