Published on 29th September 2014

men playing squash

The UK’s fastest growing racket sport is coming to Cheltenham in the form of a weekly course aimed at anyone over the age of 16.

Racketball is a game suitable for all ages and abilities and although played on a squash court, the game is much different. The rackets have a larger head and shorter handle than a standard squash racket, and the ball is larger and bouncier.

The addictive game is simple to play. To win a match, you have to be the first to 11, or two points clear if the scores are at 10-10. Matches can be played to the best of 3 or 5, depending on how long you want to play.

Dan Brookes, Dryside activities coordinator said: “Racketball is a fantastic sport for all ages and abilities to get involved with. The larger racket head and ball promote longer rallies, making it more fun for the participants. Racketball is also easier on joint wear, which makes it a great form of fun and for the older generations.”

Rowena Hay, cabinet member for healthy lifestyles said: “New sports come around every so often and it’s up to the council’s sports coaching teams to deliver them to the general public. Racketball sessions in the past have been a great success and this is a great opportunity for the general public to get on board with hour long sessions on a weekly basis.”

The course starts on 9 October, 10am at leisure-at-cheltenham. The course is an hour session every Thursday for eight weeks for £50, with a racket also provided at each session. To book a place on the course, please contact leisure-at-cheltenham on 01242 528764.



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