Published on 30th September 2014

Ubico logo - green text on green and white leaf design

Plans to clear litter from verges and central reservation along the A40 Golden Valley are underway.

The litter and debris have been hidden over the summer by the long grass however now the grass has been cut, the refuse has been uncovered.

A team from Ubico, Cheltenham and Cotswold’s local authority owned environmental services company, were out last week to collect as much litter as they safely can. However special traffic safety measures are needed for a thorough clean-up which takes time to organise.

Ubico is working with Gloucestershire County Council to arrange a date for the clean-up as soon as possible.

Rob Bell, managing director of Ubico, says: “We are working with the county council to get a day arranged for this clean-up work to be carried out as soon as possible. The grass cutting and litter collection is usually carried out at the same time but, possibly due to a change of contractor, hasn’t happened on this occasion.”

Chris Riley, Local Highways Manager at Gloucestershire County Council said, “We work together with our partners to continually improve services for local residents. At present we’re working with Ubico to resolve the issue at hand.”

Grass mowing and street cleaning is usually coordinated to be carried out at the same time so that all work is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible, saving the taxpayer money by only having to pay once for traffic safety and delivering a better outcome through joined up working.


For press enquiries contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154, email [email protected]


Notes: Ubico is a local authority company jointly owned by Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) and Cotswold District Council (CDC). The company is governed by articles and a shareholder agreement, and the leaders of the two councils act as shareholders.