Published on 20th October 2014

rain drops forming circles on the surface of a puddle

This week, a network of volunteers who help to keep Cheltenham safe from extreme weather will be invited to the Municipal Offices for a special briefing, ahead of the winter weather drawing in.

For the past five years, a network of volunteer flood wardens have helped to prevent localised flooding in the borough, by using their local knowledge to report concerns and changes to water courses, and helping to share information with their communities. The meeting, hosted by Cheltenham Borough Council Community Engagement Team and The Environment Agency, will be an opportunity to thank and to hear from those who have provided this voluntary support over the past few years, and also to welcome and brief people interested in becoming new flood wardens.

The role of a flood warden is not onerous and does not involve any physical activity. We ask that volunteers watch their section of a river or flood risk area, and inform us when there are changes of concern to its condition or when repairs needed. They also act as a point of contact in their neighbourhood for authorities, should flooding occur.

Hannah Wright, strategy and engagement assistant, said: “The wardens offer a valuable resource to the council and local communities in the fight against flooding. During severe storm events, flooding can occur at numerous locations simultaneously and monitoring every potential flood risk area is extremely difficult. This is why the wardens are so essential to us, because they are contacting us with the most up to date information which would otherwise go unrecorded.”

The meeting will be held in the Municipal Offices at 6pm on Wednesday 22nd. If you would like to attend, or for more information on flood wardens, contact Hannah Wright by email or call 01242 775156.

For press enquiries contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 775050, email [email protected]