Published on 23rd December 2014

Neptune fountain on the promenade, damaged and trident missing

One of Cheltenham’s most iconic landmarks 'Neptune's Fountain' is missing its trident today.

The trident, which Neptune holds in his hand atop the famous fountain in the Promenade, went missing over the weekend.

It was first noticed missing on the morning of 21 December 2014 and after being returned to the fountain by a member of the public, was taken again sometime during last Sunday. The council are asking the public to help in finding the missing trident.

Garrie Dowling, senior property surveyor, said: “Neptune’s fountain is one of Cheltenham’s most iconic landmarks, and is popular with tourists and photographers, so it’s sad that an integral part of the fountain has been taken. We’re hoping this was just party goers getting carried away during the Christmas celebrations over the weekend and it will be returned to us safely.

“The Police will be looking at CCTV records to see if we are able to find out more information, but we are keen to ask the public to get in touch if they are aware of anything.”

If anyone has any information on the missing trident please contact the Police Control Room on 101 quoting incident no. 77, 21/12/14.

For press enquiries, contact: Kelly Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154 or email: [email protected]

Notes: It is estimated a replacement will be in the region of £5k.