Published on 27th February 2015

A molting house sparrow sat on a branch of a tree with a green background

Two neglected open spaces in Manor Park, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham, have been acquired by Cheltenham Borough Council.

This is so that they can be brought up to the same standard as other council owned green spaces.

In total, around 540 square metres of grassland and trees, had not been transferred to either the council as public open space or the county council as highway verge when other sections of the development were adopted. This had resulted in ad hoc maintenance with neither councils nor the developer being clear as to who was responsible for the land.

Cllr John Rawson, cabinet member for finance, says: “The maintenance of this piece of land, or rather lack of maintenance, has been a concern to residents for some time.

“This is a simple way for the council to improve the local environment without it costing us anything extra. I would like to thank the ward councillors for bringing the problem to our attention and the developers for their cooperation.”

Cllr Roger Whyborn, ward councillor, says: “We’re very pleased that these areas will come under council ownership. This will address local residents concerns over the long term landscape maintenance of the area.”

The developer, Taylor Wimpey, brought the landscape up to an acceptable standard for adoption and has agreed a landscape maintenance sum of £12,967.36 for the council on the date of acquisition of the land. The sum is intended to cover maintenance costs for the council for ten years; and to ensure consistency of maintenance the council also intends to acquire the freehold title to the land.

Philip Court, technical director for Taylor Wimpey, says: “We understand the importance of this open space to the local community in Up Hatherley, and we are happy to have been able to work with the local authority to find the right long-term solution for this land.

“Having invested in bringing the space up to an appropriate standard and provided additional funding to pay for 10 years of future maintenance, we are pleased to now transfer the land free of charge to the council’s ownership for the benefit of local people.”


For press enquires contact: Laura Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154, email [email protected]


The land lies to the north of Manor Park, Up Hatherley.
For further information see the report on the council’s website: