Published on 26th March 2015

Returning Officer, Mayor Simon Wheeler, will receive official notification of the general election on Tuesday 31 March.

The parliamentary writ will be hand delivered by Royal Mail at 10.30am.

The writ is issued, after the dissolution of Parliament, by the Clerk of the Crown to each constituency calling for a general election to take place. The returning officer, the Mayor will receive the writ. However, the acting returning officer, Andrew North, has the responsibility of managing the election process, declaring the result following the count on 8 May and returning the writ to the Clerk of the Crown.

At a UK Parliamentary election in England and Wales, the returning officer is largely a ceremonial position. The administration of the election is the responsibility of the acting returning officer, Andrew North.
Mayor Simon Wheeler, returning officer, said: “I am pleased to receive the writ which marks the formal start of the election process. I hope as many people as possible take the opportunity to exercise their democratic right by voting on 7 May.’’

For press enquiries, contact: Laura Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 775050, email [email protected]