Published on 20th May 2015

Murky water in a lake

People and pets advised against entering water

The Environment Agency has discovered blue-green algae in Hatherley Brook at Benhall Park.  Cheltenham Borough Council is reminding people and their pets to stay away from the water.

Fiona Warin, green space and allotment officer said: ‘’Following the tests carried out by the Environment Agency, we know that there is blue-green algae present in the water. What the test doesn’t tell us however is whether it’s toxic.

‘’As we don’t want to take any risks, we are in the process of putting up warning signs, asking people to keep themselves and their pets out of the watercourse at Benhall park. The EA will then test the water weekly, until we have two clear tests.

‘’We have also requested that the EA test the water at Pittville and Hatherley parks as a precaution, which they will do whilst they are in the area.’’



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