Published on 21st May 2015

view between trees of Pittville lake

A test at Hatherley Brook in Benhall Park confirms that the blue-green algae discovered earlier this week, has cleared.

The Environment Agency also tested the lakes at Pittville Park and Hatherley Park and the results were clear.

The positive news comes after the blue-green algae was found at Hatherley Brook.  Although there hasn’t been a reason for concern in any other areas, the council had asked the EA to test the lakes as a precautionary measure.

Janice Peacey, community ranger has been putting up posters in the parks, reminding people to keep themselves and their pets out of the water.  She said:  ‘’We are pleased that the tests proved the water to be free of blue-green algae and we are going to be monitoring it closely to make sure that there are no signs of it re-forming.  If we are concerned that there are signs of it coming back, we will notify the EA.

‘’ Not all blooms produce harmful toxins but at a certain concentration in the water, they could potentially be harmful. We don’t know whether this algae did produce toxins but we reminded people to keep themselves and their pets away from the water as a precaution.  We would ask that people continue to do this as part of the council’s dog exclusion order.’’

The council operates a dog exclusion order which means that dogs are not allowed into any lake or watercourse in the borough.  This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of wildlife.


For press enquiries contact: Katie Sandey, communications team leader, 01242 775050, [email protected]


Blue-green algae occurs naturally and can be transported through sites by moving water. Blooms tend to grow following warm, calm conditions so the algae tends to be more prevalent in the spring and summer. Not all blooms produce harmful toxins but at a certain concentration in the water, they are considered to have the potential to be harmful.  The tests conducted showed that the blue-green algae was present, they did not however show whether or not it was toxic.

Read more information about blue-green algae.

If anyone sees a bloom they can contact the Environment Agency on their 24 hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60 or contact the council on 01242 250019.

The council and EA advise members of the public to keep pets away from water suspected of containing blue-green algae.  As part of the council’s dog exclusion order, dogs are prohibited from entering lakes and watercourses, see  more information or call 01242 262626 for details.