Published on 10th June 2015

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This month, Cheltenham’s volunteers are being celebrated for their work in the community.

Sue Deady and Hannah Webster share their stories.

Sue Deady, 31, volunteers at Gardner’s Lane and Oakwood Federation which manages seven local children centres.  She said:  ‘’I volunteer because I want to work with children.  I help the staff here to offer more time and attention to the children who really need it. My role is to be an ‘extra pair of hands’ so that the staff can work more intensively with the more vulnerable children.

‘’I have gained a lot of experience and it has really boosted my confidence. I was at home a lot with my children but in the last year I have studied for my certificates in English and Maths. I wouldn’t have thought of doing this before I came to the centre. I have also taken the techniques I have learnt about children’s learning home with me – they have really worked fantastically.  I have learned so much about the way children think. I am now looking at getting some qualifications in Early Years, hoping to go on to a job.’’

Hannah Webster, 21, volunteers at the Oakley Neighbourhood Project which offers education, advice and community projects.  As part of her university course, she felt that the work would be good experience for employment as well as a chance to offer some of her knowledge and skills.

Hannah said:  ‘’My main role has been to assist clients in looking for employment.  The work has increased my awareness of the different aspects of life and levels of vulnerability some people face.  Through my work, I have supported different types of people and helped them in their work and day to day life.  This has increased my confidence and helped my teaching skills which is great for university.’’

Cheltenham Partnership – which represents the voluntary, community, public and private sector – is publishing a case study every day during June to promote the good work of local volunteers. 

To find out more about volunteering, contact Volunteering Gloucestershire on 0300 365 6700 or email [email protected]



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The aims of the month are:

  • To raise awareness of the benefits that volunteering brings to organisations across Cheltenham
  • To promote the benefits of volunteering
  • To celebrate the contribution that volunteers make
  • To raise awareness of volunteering and the different ways that people can find out about and access opportunities.