Published on 30th September 2015

Memorial restoration test area

A patch test to identify the best techniques to restore the Promenade war memorial has been met with approval.

In recent weeks, residents may have noticed minor works happening at the site. This was to test a variety of methods before the full restoration on a small area of the memorial to sympathetically return it to its former glory.

The work included restoring the lettering, repointing, cleaning of stonework and adding a piece of stainless steel flashing, which would help reduce the impact of weather on the soldiers’ names.

Restoration expert, David Odgers has been carrying out the test works on behalf of the council. He advised on the conservation of the Cenotaph in Whitehall and following the patch test, he has put forward his recommendations for the war memorial’s full restoration to the council’s project team.

Karen Radford, conservation and heritage manager at the council said: ‘’ The area of the test panel was carefully chosen as the area with the most problems. Under David Odger’s  expert guidance these problems have been addressed in a sensitive and aesthetically pleasing way and I am delighted with the work undertaken on this test panel.’’

At a recent meeting of stakeholders – made up a of a variety of representatives from the borough – Councillor Tim Harman said:  ‘’The restoration of the names looks good and that the flashing seems a practical solution to protect the lettering from adverse weather.’’

Colonel Mike Bennett, who represents the War Memorial Trust in Gloucestershire, was also at the meeting, he said:  ‘’I believe that the Trust will support the proposals as the patch test has enhanced the lettering and protection has been improved for the future. An application for a grant from the Trust towards the cost is in hand currently.’’

The council would also like to hear from residents. Comments or observations can be sent to [email protected], or through twitter and facebook Alternatively, speak to a member of the team on 01242 262626.

In the coming months, a recommendation will go to full council to go ahead with the restoration and to undertake a tender process to select a contractor with the right skills for the work.  A funding application will also be submitted to the War Memorials Trust for grant aid.

For press enquiries contact: Katie Sandey, communications and web team leader, telephone 01242 01242 775050, email [email protected]