Domestic homicide review of ‘Susan’

Published on 18th October 2016

Lever arch file and pen

Review into the tragic death of a Cheltenham resident.

Councillor Steve Jordan, Chair of Cheltenham Strategic Leadership Group said: “Today we are publishing the review into the tragic death of ‘Susan’, a Cheltenham resident who died in the summer of 2013 as a result of violent domestic abuse.

“The review was chaired by Dr Jane Monckton Smith and co-ordinated by Cheltenham Strategic Leadership Group.

“We have used the review to understand the circumstances leading up to her death and what agencies can do differently in the future. The findings of the review will help us do that.”

Susan is a pseudonym agreed with the family and some information has been excluded from the report which may identify individuals, such as specific dates and detail of certain incidents, and some information the family would like to remain private.

The review has been coordinated in line with the Multi-Agency Statutory Guidance for the Conduct of Domestic Homicide Reviews, published in August 2013.