Published on 31st January 2017

February will see the Cheltenham LGBT Partnership celebrating LGBT History Month in Cheltenham this year for the second time.

The LGBT Partnership, which aims to champion equality and diversity in our community, is planning a contemporary set of events, building on the success of last year’s celebrations by ensuring 2017 is bigger, better and more engaging for everyone in Cheltenham. The planned activities will not only look at art and culture around LGBT+ but also provide a platform to promote the way that families and communities can interact and support one another.

Cllr Flo Clucas, cabinet member for healthy lifestyles said: “The many activities will provide everyone with the opportunity to learn of the cultural history and also provide support to families.”

The first event ‘Identity’ will be free and take place Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 February at The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum. The Wilson will host interactive workshops, family friendly stalls and exhibits by organisations and projects that pay a focus towards LGBT+.  

Matt Wester, President for LGBT+ Society at the University of Gloucestershire says, "'Identity' is a way of giving something to the community that provides more transparency and awareness regarding those that identify at LGBT+. It's about opening doors to give LGBT+ History Month greater presence and understanding in and around Cheltenham, at the exact time it needs to be talked about."

Further free film screenings and book club events will be taking place in Cheltenham on 18 and 21 February, details of which will be posted to the LGBT Partnership’s Facebook page @lgbtchelt.

For media enquiries contact Jemima Lawson, communications officer 01242 775 050 or [email protected]

Photo opportunities will be available at the Identity events Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February at The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum.


  •  LGBT History Month is an annual celebration in February across the United Kingdom which began in 2005.
  •  A social media campaign will run throughout the month to keep local residents up to date with the events and news. Everyone is welcome to take part and promote the events by sharing the tweets and Facebook posts that will be going out during the month using #LGBTChelt.
  •  Cheltenham LGBT Partnership was formed in 2015 and has representatives from Cheltenham Borough Homes, University of Gloucestershire, Gloscats, Gloucestershire Gay and Lesbian Community, GAY-GLOS, Cheltenham Trust and Cheltenham Borough Council.