Published on 15th June 2017

Logo for the Gloucestershire fire and rescue service

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service reassures residents following London fire

Following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower in West London Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service (GFRS) are offering reassurance to residents and safety advice.

In Gloucestershire there are a small number of medium and high rise buildings. The local fire crews and fire safety enforcement teams are familiar with these premises and work closely with owners and occupiers to ensure the safety of all residents.

Residents in Gloucestershire should be vigilant in ensuring that fire safety precautions in blocks of flats are being maintained.

GFRS have provided the following tips about to help you make sure you and your families can be prepared:

  1. Think about how you’d all get out in case of a fire, making an escape plan and practising it will help ensure that everyone can get out, stay out and call 999
  2. Fit at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home so smoke can reach the alarms quicker giving you more warning time.
  3. Test your smoke alarms monthly. Smoke alarms can save your life, but only if they work.
  4. Clear your escape routes. Make sure you’re able to escape without tripping over to ensure a speedy exit
  5. Keep your door and window keys in a known and accessible place. Make sure everyone knows where the door and window keys are kept so they can reach them easily and get out quicker in case of a fire.

The fire service also offer free and Safe and Well home visits which can be arranged by contacting the service online or phoning 0800 180 41 40.

Stewart Edgar, chief fire officer at Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “What has happened in West London is truly tragic and our thoughts go out to all of those affected overnight and today.

“The crews from London Fire Brigade have worked tirelessly throughout the night to deal with the fire and I would like to offer my support and gratitude to them during this testing time.

“Our message to residents in Gloucestershire is that we will continue working with residents and businesses in Gloucestershire to ensure our communities are as safe as they can possibly be.”

If anyone has concerns or requires advice on any aspect of fire safety, please contact 01452 888777, or or email: [email protected].