Published on 30th October 2017

A tap with water dripping

Severn Trent repaired the burst water pipe. Bottled water will continue to be available this morning from Morrisons, Caernarvon road.

Severn Trent completed a pipe repair last night (30/10) and brought the repaired pipe back into service.

Unfortunately they have experienced a few local pipe bursts in the area (not unusual when they introduce new pressures into the system).  While everything settles down, there might still be some low pressure for people, and Severn Trent are aware that some customers in the Leckhampton area are having a problem this morning. They think this is because air's got into the pipes and they're working to get rid of it and to get the pressure back to normal.  

As they've moved water around our network in a different way to get customers back on, there is the possibility that supplies may be a bit murky, which is nothing to worry about and will clear. You can help by running the cold tap at a gentle rate for 20 mins - this will help the water to clear.  More advice can be found here.

Although water supplies are back on, until the network is all back to normal, bottled water will  be available this morning from  Morrisons, Caernarvon road, Up Hatherley, Cheltenham GL51 3BW. 

If you are a vulnerable adult and you are without water, please contact the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on 01452 426868

The Municipal Offices are unaffected and will be open as usual.

Please visit Severn Trent website for regular updates.