Published on 8th March 2018

Row of Hackney taxis along the Promenade taxi rank

On Tuesday 7 March 2018 Cheltenham Borough Council’s cabinet unanimously approved the adoption of the revised Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy.

The revised policy was developed following extensive consultation with stakeholders.

The new policy incorporates a number of improvements to the existing policy. These include:

1) An improved knowledge test for drivers

2) The introduction of a ‘three strikes policy’ to tackle drivers who persistently breach regulations

3) The adoption of a ‘Working Hours Code of Good Practice’ to ensure that drivers do not work excessive hours

4) The introduction of on line criminal record checks

5) Tighter vehicle emission standards, to tackle town centre air quality issues

6) Changes to the vehicle testing process

7) The ending of “Grandfather Rights” to allow all taxis to be wheelchair accessible by 2021, to comply with the Equalities Act 2010, and tackle disability discrimination.

Collectively these changes will bring Cheltenham’s licensing policy in line with central government requirements, and bring about a marked improvement in safety standards for the traveling public in Cheltenham.

Andrew McKinlay, cabinet member for development and safety said: “I am delighted that the cabinet has approved the new Taxi and Private Hire Policy. Overall the new policy will ensure the highest standards of safety for the traveling public. The new policy will also ensure that taxis are equally accessible to all, irrespective of age or disability.”

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