Published on 29th March 2018

Hands together in a group

This week, Cheltenham Borough Council convened a multi-agency task group to tackle criminal and anti-social behaviour in parts of the Springbank ward of Cheltenham.

Tim Atkins director place and economic development at Cheltenham Borough Council, says: “It goes without saying that recent incidents that have taken place in parts of this community are extremely concerning and are unacceptable. Therefore, in response, Cheltenham Borough Council has set up a multi-agency task-group including the police and Cheltenham Borough Homes to work together to tackle the specific issues being experienced by some residents and the community. 

“Our response to these incidents has to be through a multi-agency approach and we have a strong track record of working with our partners which, in circumstances such as these, is absolutely crucial.  Members of the public can also be reassured that in addition to the task-group focusing its efforts on recent events we will be working with our partners to develop a longer term approach to supporting the community and the young people in the area.

“The task group met this week and has a plan to tackle specific criminal activities and anti-social behaviour that have affected people in parts of the Springbank ward.  This criminal activity is being undertaken by a small group of individuals known to the police and these activities will not be tolerated.”

Superintendent Paul Dutton, head of neighbourhood policing in Gloucestershire, continues: “We want to ensure that the everyone understands that we are doing everything we can to tackle the criminal activity seen over the recent weeks and we would encourage anyone who is concerned about their safety to contact the police on 101 or visit the neighbourhood policing website.  Also, if any parent is concerned about their children’s involvement with this activity they should also contact police on 101 or visit the website.”

Peter Hatch, executive director of property and communities at Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH), says: “We are working side-by-side with the council and police to resolve this issue and keep the communities we manage safe places.  Any perpetrators of anti-social behaviour who reside in our properties whether they are tenants or associated family are putting their tenancy at risk. CBH will take all necessary measures, including issuing eviction proceedings against any tenants or family members who engage in this unacceptable behaviour.”

Tim Atkins continued: “We will work with our partners, in particular the police and CBH, to send out a clear message to those involved in, or who support, criminal and anti-social behaviour activity that such activity will not be tolerated.  But we also want to engage with those who are offending, and their families, and to find wherever possible to ways to get them back on track. 

“We feel it is important that the community of Springbank ward, and in particular the areas who have suffered the recent criminal activity, know that we are listening, we are taking action and that we are here for them.  To this end we are taking the opportunity to start that longer term work with the community by organising a cocooning day to engage parents, youth groups and the wider community.  Cocooning days have been held in other parts of Cheltenham and such events have proved to be very much welcomed by local residents and people generally.”

For media enquiries contact: Laura Carter, communications officer, telephone 01242 264154 or email [email protected]

Cocooning day is being arranged and will be led by the police; further details will be released nearer the time.