Published on 19th February 2019

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Cheltenham Borough Council welcomed over 100 attendees to the #OurTown summit last month.

Residents and representatives from the voluntary and business communities listened to speakers from Inform Gloucestershire, the National End Child Poverty Action Group, and Action on Aces who explained the causes and effects of child poverty. Dame Janet Trotter, Andy Dempsey from GCC and Kat Aukett from Prospects delivered key information about the types of poverty experienced and what council and key partners are planning to ensure communities affected, thrive.

Cllr Steve Jordan leader of the council said “It’s great to see many positive pledges of support to address the problems experienced by young people in Cheltenham. Presentations from our leading experts provided a wealth of insight which was well received. I look forward to the calendar of activities that the NCLB will be delivering through the year.”

Tracy Brown, partnership team leader said: “This month NCLB are looking at ‘#positive relationships’, including working with Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Services and the Hollie Gazzard Trust to deliver domestic abuse training for any professionals working with children and young people.

“Through local schools this month, families in Cheltenham will be receiving make-your-own kindness boxes to recognise and build on all the kind things families do for each other. We’re also busy planning for the Cheltenham Children’s Festival thanks to funding made available through NCLB, and will be celebrating all the joy and curiosity of childhood.”

Tim Atkins, managing director for place and economic growth said: “The summit was a great starting point for the No Child Left Behind campaign. I was delighted to see from our business community so many pledges and big ideas of how to work together to make transformational change over the longer-term to those children and young people affected by poverty. I’d encourage businesses to get in touch with NCLB to reach out to our community and help support the workforce of the future.”

The borough council is working with many local partnership organisations to deliver the programme including the Gloucestershire Constabulary, Cheltenham’s voluntary and community sector, The Cheltenham Trust, Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Services, Caring for Communities and People, primary and secondary schools, Gloucestershire County Council, the BID, Cheltenham Borough Homes and many others.

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Notes to editors:

The year-long calendar can be found

March - #ConfidentGirls NCLB are working with key partners to address period poverty

April - #StrongFamilies NCLB will focus on local restorative practices

May – #Celebrating Childhood NCLB will launch the Children’s festival during late May bank holiday