Published on 6th December 2019

A child preparing food

Families are being encouraged to come together and share their favourite dishes and cooking skills this month as the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) project looks at the importance of #EatingWell.

NCLB is encouraging families to come together and create a cookery tutorial video this Christmas.

Abby Guilding, managing director of The Wiggly Worm, says: “We are proud to be supporting Cheltenham’s #NCLB campaign, particularly this month’s #EatingWell theme.  We’ve been tackling food poverty in the county for several years, and understand the importance of good food and nutrition as a fundamental building block in children’s development. 

“We’re delighted to promote our easy to follow recipes for young people and families to have a go at home, encouraging more people to get involved in the kitchen and try something new!”

Jennifer Tucker, NCLB lead officer, continued: “At this time of year food is everywhere, so it’s the perfect opportunity to come together and create something that not only tastes great but strengthens our relationships and skills. We can’t wait to see the yummy recipes Cheltenham families come up with.”

To find some tips on how to create a video and what apps to use visit

Send us the video and the recipe to or tag us in on facebook or twitter@NCLBchelt using the hashtag #EatingWell.

For media enquiries contact: communications team, 01242 264332, email

Notes: Follow No Child Left Behind on social media @NCLBchelt

By sending NCLB a video they may use some or all of the video on their social media channels and the video in its entirety will be used on their YouTube channel. Children must check with their parent or guardian that they are happy for you to appear on social media before it is submitted.

Cheltenham Borough Council and its partners have committed to a year of action, called No Child Left Behind.