Published on 12th June 2020

walking boot stepping into a scene of grass and trees

As some of the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased, Cheltenham residents are being asked to use parks and green spaces responsibly and remember that they are for everyone to enjoy.

Cllr Coleman, cabinet member for clean and green, said: “We’ve had fantastic weather recently and more freedom to leave our homes. Whilst the vast majority of people are respecting our award winning parks and gardens, some sadly are not.

“Our Ubico crew work hard to ensure Cheltenham’s parks and gardens are ready for the day ahead. There are bins available throughout our green spaces so there should be no reason for littering.

“Where visitors are venturing up to Leckhampton Hill and Charlton Kings Common, and surrounding beauty spots, I urge everyone to respect these areas and dispose of their litter thoughtfully – including dog waste – or take it home with you.

“This will save the local wildlife from illness and injury and will make the environment more pleasant and enjoyable for all.’’

Young Gloucestershire’s operations manager, Jess Rudge-Welford, said: “Our youth workers who are currently working in Cheltenham, are there not to enforce, but rather to educate and support young people around the impact of COVID19 on them, and to remind them just how impassioned they were for looking after their surroundings just a few months ago, for example, when Greta Thunberg visited Bristol.”

Cllr Nigel Moor, cabinet member for environment and planning at Gloucestershire County Council, said: “Now that Covid-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted and more people venture out to parks and open green spaces, it’s important we look after ourselves and the environment.

“We want people to enjoy their summer in Gloucestershire, but we encourage them to do so safely by sticking to the social distancing measures. Simple steps such as not using BBQ’s in wooded or dry grass areas, putting rubbish in a bin and making sure cigarettes are put out will really help to prevent avoidable fires and keep these spaces safe for all to enjoy.”

Any full or overflowing litter bins can be reported online on the council’s website:

For more information about using Cheltenham’s parks and green spaces during COVID19 lockdown, visit the council’s web pages:

For media enquiries, contact: communications, email [email protected] telephone 01242 264154.