Published on 4th March 2021

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Today, Thursday 4 March, saw the first ever No Child Left Behind Leadership summit.

Leaders from over 35 organisations gathered online to explore how they could make their organisations more compassionate and strengths-based and also discussed how they can work better together in the long-term to support local children and young people.

A range of national experts were heard, including: Connected Coaching delivering the keynote speech based on Dr Brene Brown’s internationally acclaimed Dare to Lead programme, Carnegie UK Trust based in Scotland, London-based The Relationships Project along with local expertise from Tidal Training Direct Ltd.

Cllr Flo Clucas member for healthy lifestyles said: “Our thanks go to the well-respected speakers who delivered inspiring sessions and to all the leaders who joined our very first NCLB Leadership summit.

‘’Our focus, following the NCLB community agreement in 2020, was to enable meaningful conversations to inspire change. During the pandemic the importance of kindness and compassion has grown and we have learnt that sometimes the simplest things mean the most.

‘’We know that we need to do more to support our local children and young people, many have been really impacted by the pandemic – be that their mental health, their education and the limits placed on their social, cultural and recreation activities and by having these discussions we can better understand how to support them and each other.’’

Ben Thurman, policy and development officer, Carnegie UK Trust continued: ‘’The NCLB Leadership Summit has been a great chance for organisations from across Cheltenham to come together, reflect on the values that are at the heart of the Community Agreement, and consider how we can “make kindness visible”. At the Carnegie UK Trust, we are delighted to be part of this important conversation.

Maria Allebone, Cheltenham BID digital and communications executive and attendee said: ‘’I was delighted to attend the NCLB summit, the speakers were very motivating. We collectively explored how to make transformational change over the longer-term to support children and young people. We look forward to sharing the knowledge gained with our business community.’’

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