Published on 21st May 2021

front of the municipal offices against dark blue sky

The leader of Cheltenham Borough Council, Cllr Rowena Hay has announced new cabinet roles following the local election.

The portfolios and new cabinet leads are as follows:

Waste & Recycling & Street Services – Councillor Iain Dobie

Climate Emergency – Councillor Max Wilkinson

Cyber & Strategic Transport – Councillor Andrew McKinlay

Finance & Assets – Councillor Peter Jeffries

Culture, Wellbeing & Business – Councillor Victoria Atherstone

Housing – Councillor Mike Collins

Safety & Communities – Councillor Flo Clucas

Customer & Regulatory Services – Councillor Martin Horwood


Cllr Rowena Hay, leader said:  ‘’As we shape our priorities, we are focusing on a number of key areas.  The first is helping Cheltenham recover from Covid-19.  It’s pleasing to see that we are moving towards the recovery stage as Cheltenham ‘re-opens’ but we know this will take some time. We have lost loved ones, jobs, suffered mental and physical ill health and families have been strained.  For people in our communities living alone, the experience has been one of extreme isolation. Despite all this, I’m so proud of the way our town has handled the pandemic, helping the most vulnerable and supporting our key workers.

‘’The second is building a more prosperous town, through our recovery work and significant initiatives including the Golden Valley Development which aims to make Cheltenham the cyber capital of the UK, as well as Cheltenham Minster, which will bring considerable opportunities to the borough.

‘’We’ll be doing what we can locally to tackle climate change through our continued commitment to become a net zero carbon council and borough by 2030.  We will also continue to invest in services and people.  Our £180million investment in affordable, quality housing will continue, as will our No Child Left Behind initiatives because it’s vital that all children and young people thrive.''

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