Published on 25th June 2021

School pupils receive laptops as part of NCLBChelt campaign

DXC Technology (NYSE:DXC), a leading Fortune 500 global IT services company, has donated 50 laptops to local schools in and around Cheltenham.

This work is carried out in partnership with the No Child Left Behind charity and local IT specialist company Infrastar. The donation was made through the #LaptopsForLearning program in Cheltenham supporting students with the right technology for remote learning. 

To support the #LaptopsForLearning program, DXC teams worked with IT Schools Africa who reconditioned the used devices, equipping them with the latest programs and security-certification.

“We are delighted to be supporting the No Child Left Behind and #LaptopsForLearning programmes to help families ensure our children have the right equipment for home learning, supporting families in need,” said Derek Allison, VP UK Public Sector, DXC Technology.

“This collaboration with the Cheltenham Borough Council is part of our wider DXC initiative to donate laptops to schools. DXC is focused on delivering excellence for our customers, colleagues and the community. We have already donated 1000 refurbished laptops to local charities, schools and social enterprises across the UK.”  

Cllr Flo Clucas member for safety and communities said: ‘’A huge thank you, what a wonderful gift by DXC Technology. It will help us to fight digital exclusion and enable many more children with their home and school learning. The children who receive these laptops through their schools will no doubt be delighted at having access to the kit they need to keep up with their fellow pupils.’’

The scheme which launched in February 2021, has to date, received over 130 laptops which have been donated to Cheltenham schools including:

  • Battledown Centre for Children & Families
  • Hester’s Way Primary School
  • Pittville School
  • All Saints’ Academy
  • Christchurch Primary School

Dermot McNiffe, principal at All Saints’ Academy, said: “We’ve been delighted to receive a delivery of refurbished iPads and laptops from #LaptopsForLearning, which is supported by so many in the local community. As Covid-19 continues, having access to this equipment makes a real difference to the way we can support our students with their learning in both the academy and at home.’’

Cheltenham Education Partnership, representing local secondary schools and Cheltenham Learning Partnership representing local primary schools reached out to all local head teachers and senior learning staff to encourage sign up for the scheme to ensure that no child is left behind and that digital inclusion becomes stronger than ever as Cheltenham sets its stall to becoming cyber capital of the UK

Over £30,000 has so far been raised which will further help students in the new academic year September 2021.

For further information about the #LaptopsForLearning scheme, how to join, donate equipment or money please visit

For media enquiries please contact [email protected] 01242 264231.

Notes to editor : 
#LaptopsForLearning scheme is a partnership project bringing together public and private sector to ensure no child is left behind and that children in and around Cheltenham have access to technology for learning.

The partnership includes: Cheltenham Borough Council-No Child Left Behind (NCLB), The Cheltenham Education Partnership (CEP), IT Schools Africa, Cheltenham Learning Partnership (CLP), Sopra Steria, Infrastar and The Golden Valley Development.

Photo single use only with permission from CEP. From Left: Dermot McNiffe (All Saints’ Academy, Principal), Sofia (ASA, Head Girl), James (ASA, Head Boy), Emily Buirski (Cheltenham Education Partnership, Coordinator)