Published on 20th August 2021

Four apprentices

Five valuable apprenticeships offered across, finance, communications, licensing and building control.

Cheltenham Borough Council has joined South West Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (SWANN) a highly regarded organisation which aims to champion apprenticeships, raise awareness and increase engagement to meet the needs of employers, communities, and individuals across the country.

The five apprenticeships are offered in the council’s finance, communications, licensing and building control teams.

Cllr Victoria Atherstone, member for culture, wellbeing and business said: ‘‘I’m delighted the council has created these apprenticeship opportunities to support young people on their journeys into full-time employment. Apprenticeships are hugely important as they give people the chance to gain real life workplace experiences and skills that are extremely valuable to future employers.

“I know the council has officers who started their career on a previous apprenticeship programme, who have worked with us for over a decade now. By partnering with local education providers we’re directly investing in our local talent of both young and life-long learners which in turn helps to support the future prosperity of our town.’’

Paul Jones, executive director for finance and assets, said: “We’re really pleased to be offering five apprenticeships across the organisation. We recognise the value an apprenticeship gives to young people such as hands-on technical experience in the workplace while also undertaking a college course on a part-time basis.

“We will be delighted to welcome and immerse them in opportunity and knowledge and celebrate their successes.”

All five apprentices are aiming to join Cheltenham Borough Council in September and the council has worked with Gloucestershire College, Cirencester College and the University of Wolverhampton to ensure that all apprentices get the best possible training.

Matt Dring, learning and development lead,‚Äč continued: “By joining SWAAN, we aim to work with local schools, colleges and universities, showcasing that an apprenticeship is a great route to employment and education. We will be encouraging all our apprentices to become youth apprenticeship ambassadors, attending events and accessing further development opportunities via SWAAN.”

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