Published on 4th March 2022

The flag of Ukraine

Town Hall to light up in blue and yellow. Books open for public messages of support. Municipal Offices fly Ukrainian flag.

Cheltenham is showing its support for the people of Ukraine.

Cheltenham Town Hall is being illuminated in the colours of the Ukrainian flag, blue and yellow, from this evening through until Sunday.

From Monday (7 March), members of the public can leave messages of support to the people of Ukraine in a book of solidarity. The books will be located at the following three venues: the Garden Bar Orangery (Imperial Gardens), Pittville Pump Room Heritage Deco Café and the Fitstop Café at Leisure at Cheltenham.  

The books will be open for two weeks and a selection of messages from the people of Cheltenham, to the people of Ukraine will be read during a meeting of full council on 21 March. The books will be sent to the Ukrainian Ambassador, together with a letter of support from the Mayor of Cheltenham, Cllr Steve Harvey.

If anyone would like to add a message but cannot access the books – including schools and community groups- they are invited to send messages to [email protected] so that they can be included.

Residents can also contribute to an online book of solidarity at

The Ukrainian flag is now flying at the Municipal Offices.

Councillor Steve Harvey, Cheltenham’s Mayor said:  ‘’We are all shocked and appalled by the unprovoked attack and invasion of Ukraine, a democratic and sovereign country. We have had citizens of Ukraine in our town for decades, they have lived amongst us, working, raising families and being our neighbours. They are Cheltonians too. The Ukrainians deserve not only our friendship, but peace and the ability to choose how they wish to live their own lives and who they wish to choose as their leaders. Sadly, we do not have the authority or power to do more than we are doing but we do so freely, with empathy and solidarity with Ukrainians everywhere. Slava Ukraina.’’

Louis Eperjesi, chair of The Cheltenham Trust added: “From today and throughout the weekend The Cheltenham Trust will be lighting Cheltenham Town Hall in blue and yellow to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Solidarity books have also been made available for the public to record their messages at the trust’s Garden Bar Orangery, Pittville Pump Room Heritage Deco café and the Fitstop Café at Leisure at Cheltenham. These books will be available for two weeks to allow people to record their support for the people of Ukraine”.

The council has information and contact details on its website, for anyone wishing to support those affected by events in Ukraine,




The books of solidarity will be available during the following times:

Monday to Sunday 9:30am to 5pm at Pittville Pump Room Heritage Deco Café;

Sunday to Thursday 9:30am to 4:30pm, Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 8pm at the Garden Bar Orangery;

Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm at the Fitstop Café at Leisure at Cheltenham.

Help and support for Ukraine

To support Ukrainian residents, and anyone with friends and families affected by, or concerned about, events in Ukraine, please find some helpful links below.