Published on 21st October 2022

nclb, flag, winner

To celebrate childhood, No Child Left Behind has given a child the opportunity to design the latest flag to be displayed outside the Municipal Offices in Cheltenham.

Over the summer, children got creative and designed their own No Child Left Behind flags and Cllr Flo Clucas judged the competition and has decided the winner is Isabella, Aged 11 from Oakwood Primary School.

Cllr Flo Clucas member for safety and communities said ‘’Childhood is fantastic and it is a wonderful time to get creative! We were delighted so many children entered the competition and it has been very challenging choosing a winner! Thanks for all of our fantastic entries.  It is great to see so many young people getting involved. Flying a No Child Left Behind flag outside the Municipal Offices will continue to raise awareness for this great project and show how important children and young people are to our town.’’

Speaking at full council (Monday 17 October 2022), Isabella said: “The idea behind my design for the flag was that it shows different types of people coming together in unity - helping each other.

‘’It shows that it doesn’t matter who we are or our age or where we come from, we can all help other people.”

The flag is now on display all year at the Municipal Offices.

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