Published on 7th June 2023

Graphic with image of a parent and child and text about the HRA business plan

Net zero, affordable homes and stronger, more resilient communities are at the heart of new plans for housing in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Borough Council is reinforcing its commitment to build a better future for Cheltenham through its new Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan.


Delivered in partnership with Cheltenham Borough Homes, the priorities will bring more new net zero affordable homes to the town; improve the standards of existing homes and support communities to be strong and resilient, so that everyone has the chance to thrive. 


The new five year plan sets out the council’s three key aims to deliver wide ranging positive outcomes, which focus on:  

·       Maintaining high quality services  

·       Putting people first  

·       Listening to customers and acting on their feedback  

·       More opportunities for the council to strengthen its close working partnership with CBH and other local partners including No Child Left Behind (NCLB)  


The three key aims are:   


Aim A: More affordable and sustainable homes  

The council will work in partnership with CBH to provide more affordable and sustainable homes that are high quality, well maintained and energy efficient, where residents feel safe and secure and can thrive. This includes reducing the carbon impact of the homes provided to help tackle fuel poverty. This will align with the council’s pathway to make Cheltenham net zero by 2030.   


Aim B: stronger and more resilient communities  

 This will be achieved by working closely with customers and local partners to:   

·       support residents with the rising cost of living  

·       listen to customers, bring people together and reduce social isolation  

·       enable individuals to seek new opportunities and find work  

·       ensure existing communities benefit from the economic opportunities that the Golden Valley development in West Cheltenham will bring  

·       support communities to become environmentally aware by working with local partners to identify opportunities to protect the climate   


Aim C: change to realise opportunities  

Continuing its strong partnership with the council, CBH will evolve to meet the current and future challenges it faces, whilst continuing to deliver high satisfaction. This includes embracing technology to make it easier for customers to access services, identifying opportunities to help gain access to extra funding to be re-invested into Cheltenham and delivering initiatives to reduce CBH’s business impact on the environment.   

Residents can view a new animation video of the HRA Business Plan which shows how the aims will be delivered to help Cheltenham residents and their communities.   

Councillor Victoria Atherstone, member for housing, said: “Our strong working partnership with Cheltenham Borough Homes will continue to build a bright and better future for our local residents and their communities across the borough.  

‘’As a valued, trusted and effective partner, CBH has a strong tradition of making a positive difference to lives across Cheltenham. It’s an exciting time as we work together to deliver more sustainable and affordable homes within the town as part of the council’s drive towards net zero by 2030. Together, and by putting people first, we will improve the standards of existing homes and support communities to be strong and resilient in these most challenging times.’’  

Steve Slater, chief executive for Cheltenham Borough Homes, said: “Our shared long term vision with the council is to build a better future for Cheltenham, by providing great homes and stronger communities. This new HRA Business Plan which was shaped by insight and considerable input from customers, colleagues and key partners, takes into consideration the need to provide more homes that are affordable and increasingly sustainable.  

‘’It also underpins the importance of collectively working together to identify opportunities that will protect our climate and support the council’s pathway to make Cheltenham net zero. More importantly, we will continue to evolve through listening and acting on peoples’ feedback so we can provide high quality homes and excellent services that are value for money and well received by customers.”  

Read the full HRA business plan at or watch the animation video.


For media enquiries contact: [email protected] 01242 264231. 

Notes: You can find out more through the council’s social media platforms (@cheltbc and @CheltenhamBC) or visit Cheltenham Borough Homes (@cheltborohomes).