Published on 20th December 2023

kerbside recycling set out on pavement

Residents asked to avoid choosing their bin or box as a ‘safe place’ for deliveries. Reminder to leave bins, recycling boxes and bags clearly at the kerbside for collection.

Residents are reminded that all bins, recycling boxes, food waste caddies and bags should be presented clearly at the kerbside for collection by 7am on their scheduled collection day. The Ubico crews are unable to collect any bins, boxes, caddies or bags that are left on private property unless it is agreed as part of an assisted collection.

Cllr Iain Dobie, cabinet member for waste, recycling & street services, said: “Sometimes bins, boxes and bags are not presented in accessible locations for our crews to collect from the kerbside and do not get emptied. We’re keen to ensure that no-one has a missed collection.

“We’re also aware of a few instances, especially around Christmas time, where personal deliveries and packages have been put in residents’ recycling boxes and refuse bins as a safe place -  however these can sometimes be taken and thrown away or recycled by accident. To avoid any potential confusion, please make sure your couriers are aware of alternative safe spaces for your deliveries and only put refuse, recycling or food waste in your bins, boxes and bags.”

Residents are once again reminded of alternative Christmas collection dates. Only refuse, recycling or food waste should be presented in the bins, boxes and bags. If residents put anything else, such as personal items, in these boxes and bins they do so at their own risk and the council cannot accept any liability for this. 

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Notes: Over the festive period, please note there are changes to waste and recycling collections. One of the main changes is, Monday 25 December 2023 collections will now be on Saturday 23 December 2023.