Published on 1st February 2024

Pictures of people on bikes, running and skateboarding

New survey launches to help understand what physical activities people enjoy, including the facilities they use

Cheltenham people are being asked to help shape the future of sports and physical activity in the town.

A new survey is being launched inviting people to share their views on the type of physical activities they enjoy, where they take place and if there are any barriers that may be preventing them from exercising.

The feedback will provide Cheltenham Borough Council with a vital insight into how local residents’ and their families are staying active; making sure everyone has the support they need to access and benefit from physical activity opportunities in Cheltenham.

Cllr Max Wilkinson, cabinet member economic development, culture, tourism and wellbeing said: “We want to make sure Cheltenham people can live healthy, fulfilling and productive lives.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a power walker or pétanque player, a wheelchair racer or a walking cricketer, we want to hear about what gets you active and what prevents you from being active too.  Cheltenham will of course work hard to support clubs and formal competitive sport, but being active is not just about running around on a pitch in a team game or being a member of a club. It’s about so much more and it needs to be accessible for all, because physical activity is important for people’s wellbeing. It helps us lead happier lives and boosts productivity at work too.”

The survey will be available online between 31 January and 22 March 2024. Everyone is invited to provide their feedback, those who are unable to fill in the survey online can access paper copies available from the reception at the Municipal Offices. Paper copies will also be made available to local groups and organisations – please email if you would like some copies.  

The findings will form part of the council’s work to develop a physical activity and sports strategy for the town.

For press enquiries contact communications, telephone 01242 264231, email [email protected].