Published on 10th April 2024

Postal vote being returned in Royal Mail post box

The next scheduled elections to take place in Cheltenham are the Borough Council and Police and Crime Commissioner elections on 2 May 2024.

All forty borough council seats will be up for election due to ward boundary changes.

New postal vote handling rules are in place for 2 May elections which mean that: 

  1. There will be a limit on the number of postal vote packs that you can hand in at a polling station or at the council offices. You will be allowed to take your own, and up to five others. When hand delivering postal votes, you will be required to sign a postal vote return form.
  2. Political parties and campaigners will be banned from handling postal vote packs on behalf of electors.
  3. When you apply for a postal vote you will need to provide proof of your identity. Now, postal vote applicants must provide their National Insurance Number as well as their date of birth and signature.

Proxy voting
There is now a limit to how many people a voter can act as a proxy for. Under the new rules, voters will be limited to acting as a proxy for two people, regardless of their relationship. Anyone voting on behalf of UK voters who live overseas could act as a proxy for up to four people.
Find out more about proxy voting.

Paul Jones, returning officer at Cheltenham Borough Council, said: “With elections taking place in Cheltenham on 2 May 2024, it is important that those who want a postal or proxy vote, are aware of these changes. It might seem early but checking now means you will be ready to vote in May.”

Deadline for applications to vote by postal and postal proxy votes is 5pm on 17 April; the deadline for proxy vote (except emergency proxies) is 5pm, 24 April. Residents can apply for a postal vote online.

For more information visit or call the helpline on 0800 328 0280.

For more information on Cheltenham’s up-coming elections, visit, call 01242 264132 or email [email protected].

For media enquiries, contact: communications, telephone 01242 264231, email [email protected]

Or contact the Electoral Commission press office on 020 7271 0704, out of office hours 07789 920 414 or [email protected].