Published on 13th January 2011

A petition was received by the council on 13 December 2010.

As the petition - from Leckhampton Green Land Action Group - had in excess of 750 signatures it is entitled to a debate at council which will take place at council on 25 February 2011 at 2.30 pm. The petition requested the following:

"We the undersigned urge the above council to allocate* a designated area to the south of Cheltenham (including the land formerly known as the Leckhampton White Land, Brizen Farm and Land West of Farm Lane) that shall be protected from inappropriate large scale development.

This area of land is of high local community interest due its attractiveness, views in and out of the AONB and the contribution it makes to the setting of Cheltenham. We also highly value its easy accessibility for informal recreation, local food production, wildlife, environmental and ecological interest.

We suggest that although parts of this area are in Shurdington, this designated land may for convenience (at the councils' discretion) become known as: LECKHAMPTON COUNTRY PARK ".

* In their Joint Core Strategy, Local Development Framework or another relevant appropriate planning policy or document

This will be a public meeting and everyone is invited to attend. The agenda and reports for the meeting will be available on the council's website on Thursday 17 February. For more information about the meeting please contact Democratic Services on 01242 77 4937 .

For more information about the petition contact the Leckhampton Green Land Action Group.