Published on 27th January 2011

Two newly filled senior management posts have today been announced by Cheltenham Borough Council.

Jane Griffiths and Mark Sheldon have been appointed to the posts of Director for Commissioning and Director for Resources respectively.   The overall number of senior managers has reduced to support the council's new way of working and to increase efficiencies.

The appointments - which will come into effect in April 2011 - have been made as part of the council's move to become a commissioning organisation which will see some services being delivered in partnership with third party organisations, including trusts, private sector, charities and other authorities.   The council has already had successes in delivering services this way, through for example shared building control and legal functions with Tewkesbury Borough Council and shared audit with Cotswold.

The new positions are part of a senior management restructure which in addition to the deletion of Jane and Mark's current posts, reduces the number of posts by two. There is a proposed further reduction of one post in 2012/13, which will save the council £213,000 annually when fully implemented.

Further changes will happen throughout the organisation to manage the new way of delivering services.

Councillor Steve Jordan, leader of the council said:  ''This way of working allows us to pool resources and provide a better overall service to the customer, at a lower cost. To do this successfully, it is important that we have the most efficient internal structures in place. I am delighted with the new appointments and I am confident that Jane and Mark will ensure a smooth transition into a strategic commissioning approach.''


For press enquiries contact:  Katie Sandey, communications team leader, telephone 01242 775050 or email: [email protected]

Editor's notes

Jane Griffiths currently holds the role of Assistant Chief Executive and Mark Sheldon is Chief Financial Officer. Both of these existing posts will be deleted in the new structure. Jane and Mark were interviewed for the new roles by members of the council's new appointments committee, including Councillors Steve Jordan, John Webster, Duncan Smith and Rowena Hay.