Published on 1st April 2011

With the first UK-wide referendum in over 30 years taking place on Thursday 5 May, Cheltenham Borough Council is urging voters in Cheltenham to be ready to have their say.

The referendum is on the voting system used for elections to the UK Parliament.  The question being put to voters on 5 May is:

"At present, the UK uses the 'first past the post' system to elect MPs to the House of Commons. Should the 'alternative vote' system be used instead?"

Several bank holidays are coming up and residents who are going to be away on 5 May can apply to vote by post or by proxy.

Adrian Green, Electoral Commission regional manager said: "People don't always realise that they can have their say in different ways, including by post or by asking someone you trust (a 'proxy') to cast your vote for you.   So if you are going to be away on Thursday 5 May, take a few minutes now to make sure your voice will still be heard."

Andrew North, counting officer added:  "If you wish to vote, you must make sure you are registered to vote before Thursday 14 April. You also need to apply for a postal or proxy vote if you need one by the same deadline.''

Residents can call the elections office on 01242 264132 or print off the forms from


For media enquiries, contact: Katie Sandey, communications team leader, telephone 01242 775050, email [email protected]


A person can register and vote for in a referendum if they are on the electoral register and are:
· 18 years of age or over on polling day (A person can register once they are 16 but cannot vote until they are 18)
· A British citizen
· A qualifying Commonwealth citizen
· A citizen of the Irish Republic

For further information contact:
Cheltenham Borough Council, Municipal Offices, Promenade, Cheltenham
Gloucestershire, GL50 9SA. Tel: 01242 262626