Published on 6th April 2011

New scheme delivers huge environmental benefits

In the first two days of Cheltenham's new waste and recycling scheme going live, over 23 tonnes of kitchen food waste has been diverted from landfill, reducing greenhouse gases and saving around £1,300 in landfill tax payments.  The scheme launched on Monday (4 April) and is already delivering huge environmental and financial benefits.

As the scheme beds in, the council expects these figures to increase by 40% but is very pleased with the initial results. The council wants house holders to know that some collection teams are emptying food caddies into a specially adapted wheeled bin before it is transferred to a separate, sealed container on the vehicle and that all food waste is composted and is not landfilled. Large communal wheeled bins for food wastes are provided for most flats.

Rob Bell, director for operations said: "I've been out with collection teams in Hatherley, Priors, Pittville, Lansdown, Leckhampton and Charlton Kings and most people are making good use of the caddies. Obviously, with a change as big as this there will be teething problems and we are working hard to quickly resolve any issues that arise. This is new for householders and collection teams but we anticipate that it will become routine after a few weeks. I would urge householders to take time to read the information provided with the kitchen caddies and refer to the calendar which indicates what type of container is collected on which week.''

Councillor Roger Whyborn, cabinet member for sustainability added: ''We are really pleased with the success of the scheme so far.  To think that all of this food waste would have previously gone to landfill is quite frightening and local residents should be pleased that on only day two of the scheme, they have made such a big difference.''

The council is asking householders to clearly mark their house name or number on the kitchen caddies and recycling boxes and to have bins, boxes and caddies presented at the kerbside for collection by 7.00am. Collection schedules have changed and collections may take place earlier than was previously the case.

Read more information about the new scheme.

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