Published on 13th June 2011

More than 660 tonnes of carbon emissions were saved by leisure@cheltenham last year, which is the equivalent to taking 220 cars off the road.

The centre has just received a carbon savings certificate from their suppliers, Ener-g.

leisure@cheltenham, which has already won a number of green credentials, uses a combined heating and power (CHP) unit.  The CHP unit generates electricity and produces heat, which is then used to heat the swimming pool.

Stephen Petherick, commercial manager at leisure@cheltenham said:  ''It's pleasing that our efforts to reduce the centre's carbon emissions are really making a difference. Not only have we reduced our carbon footprint but we have been able to keep energy costs very low.

''We use an efficient system which means we can reduce the amount of electricity we need to draw from the grid and make use of what would otherwise be waste heat.  So this in turn reduces our carbon emissions.  Without the CHP unit, we would need a separate heating system for the pool.''

The CHP unit, together with a number of other measures,  combine to give the centre a very good score of B-38 in terms of energy efficiency, compared with a typical rating for this type of building of D-100.   It also means that the costs of running the centre are kept to a minimum.

Other 'green' measures which have been taken include insulating the building where possible, installing lighting with movement sensors where appropriate, fitting a device to ensure that the building draws the optimum voltage of electricity (220V) from the grid, water management in toilets and the use of low energy lighting.  Employees across all council owned buildings are also encourage to adopt good energy management practices for instance, turning off PCs and monitors when not in use and remembering to switch off lights.

Contact: Katie Sandey, communications team leader, telephone 01242 775050, email [email protected]


Leisure@cheltenham is owned by Cheltenham Borough Council, and offers high quality facilities. The leisure centre has won numerous awards for its green credentials since re-opening, as well as being recognised for the national Sport and Leisure award as part of the 2010 Government Business Awards.

For more information about leisure@ please call 01242 528764, email [email protected] or visit our webpages and you can follow us on facebook.