Published on 31st October 2011

Gloucestershire Airport

Bulldozers moved in to demolish Blenheim House at the end of Gloucestershire Airport’s runway yesterday, marking a major milestone in Staverton’s Runway Safety Project. The three storey house is the

With the demolition complete, earthworks will continue as Normans Brook and the Gloucestershire Way footpath are diverted around the Airport’s new Runway End Safety Area.  Subject to weather, the bulk of the earthworks are expected to be complete by the end of the year

The Airport’s new entrance road is also very near to completion, the farmhouse and buildings at Bank View farm have already been demolished as the £4m project has progressed over the summer months.

Head of operations, Darren Lewington said: - “This work is the culmination of over 7 years preparation.  The lengthy and, sometimes controversial planning and political processes to get us to this point have finally translated into practical action.

The progress of the civil engineering works has been quite staggering and the demolition of Blenheim House is a very significant point in the project.  Our runway environment becomes safer immediately and our corporate aircraft will benefit from being able to carry better payloads.”

Chairman of the Board, Jeremy Hilton added: - “The board is pleased with the progress being made by the contractors and we firmly believe this will significantly enhance the long term commercial viability of the Airport as a key infrastructural asset to Gloucestershire and the region.”

The project is scheduled to continue into 2012, with the installation of an Instrument Landing System enabling aircraft to land in bad weather.