Published on 24th November 2011

Cheltenham Borough Homes issues top tips to beat condensation

Essential tips to beat condensation have been issued by Cheltenham Borough Homes (CBH) to help tenants keep their homes warm and dry this winter.

Condensation occurs where moist air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature or places where there is little or no movement of air.

Chris Williams, Head of Property Services at CBH said: “Condensation can cause significant damage to your home and belongings if not dealt with quickly. By following a few simple tips, tenants can help to reduce the chances of condensation occurring and make sure they have a warm pleasant home to live in this winter.”

To prevent condensation, tenants are being advised to consider the following useful tips:

  • allow air to circulate - don’t put furniture against the outside walls - the inside walls (between rooms) are always warmer and are therefore less prone to condensation
  • open a window and close the door after a bath or shower, try to ventilate the room to the outside, not to the rest of the house
  • dry clothes out of doors or in a cool area of the premises, or if clothes must be dried indoors then ventilate the room
  • vent tumble dryers to the outside - if the dryer is not self condensing make sure you put the hose out of a window. Opening a window is not enough
  • put lids on saucepans when cooking. This keeps steam in the pan and saves money on fuel bills
  • warm your home - keep the heating on, but set it to provide just a minimum of background heating. This will warm the whole building up so there are no cold surfaces
  • remove mould as soon as it appears – this will stop it spreading and causing more damage to your home. Special cleaning products can be bought from DIY stores (always follow the manufacturers instructions)


Notes for editors

Cheltenham Borough Homes:

  • CBH is one of the top rated ALMOs (Arms Length Management Organisations) in the country. ALMOs are not for profit companies that run social housing services for their local council
  • Currently CBH manage and maintain around 5,000 tenant and leasehold properties with an overall satisfaction level of 85%, placing them in the top ten ALMOs nationally
  • The organisation’s approach to community development and participation; governance and equality and diversity has been recognised as good practice nationally
  • CBH continue to develop excellent services by working closely with customers. It will include building new homes and continuing to regenerate communities whilst tackling issues of worklessness and addressing social enterprise

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