Published on 1st December 2011

Friends of Pittville Park

Cheltenham Borough Council staff from the central depot (Swindon Road) were clearing autumn leaves from Pittville Park with help from the community today.

The Friends of Pittville Park were out in force to pile up leaves so Cheltenham Borough Council Staff could use their specialist machinery to load them on to council vehicles to take them away for recycling.

At this time of year the amount of leaves in the park, although colourful, can cause problems as they get wet and begin to rot – they become slippery and if left will have an adverse affect on the grass.

The leaves are recycled and turned into compost to put on top of landfill sites so plants and trees can be grown.

It is a time consuming job but with the help of the Friends of Pittville Park the council aims to have the park looking like its normal, inviting self.
CBCCheltenham Borough Council gardeners