Published on 17th January 2012

Cheltenham Borough Council is pleased to announce that eight more community-based organisations have secured funding to deliver youth work through the second phase of the positive activities fund.

The fund, which Gloucestershire County Council has allocated £50k towards, seeks to ensure that young people can access activities that make a positive difference to them, their health and wellbeing and the communities they live in.

In addition the Cheltenham Community Safety Partnership and the Health and Wellbeing Partnership contributed funding to create a total pot of £66,500 which, over the two phases has enabled 22 projects to be supported.

Councillor Klara Sudbury, Cabinet Member for Housing and Safety said “I am really pleased that between both councils, we have been able to support so many different voluntary and community groups to provide things for young people to do. I was keen to see the money invested in activities for young people across the whole town, with a wide range of opportunities to appeal to different groups.

“The response to the funding has demonstrated the sheer commitment and enthusiasm of local groups to take on the challenge of providing activities for young people in our town. Whether this is a scout group, a local church, larger charities such as the YMCA and the British Red Cross or local residents associations such as in Benhall and Naunton Park, the council recognises and welcomes this effort.”