Published on 20th March 2012

planting a sapling

This Friday, as part of the Woodland Trust Jubilee Woods Project, over 100 trees will be planted in Springfields Park.

On Friday 23 March at 9.30am, children from Arthur Dye Little Learners Nursery and Springbank Primary Academy will be joining Cheltenham Borough Council’s community rangers to help plant over 100 trees in Springfields Park.

The trees have been donated by the Woodland Trust as part of the Jubilee Woods Project and include an English Oak selected from one of the royal estates to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee this year. The other species to be planted include native rowan, silver birch, hawthorn and hazel which are trees that will supply a food source to the local wildlife.

Janice Payne, biodiversity ranger, said: “The trees that the children are planting will help to increase the biodiversity of the park. We hope this will allow the children to feel that they have a sense of ownership within Springfields Park.”

Councillor Peter Jeffries, said: “Trees and green spaces make such a difference to our quality of life and I am really pleased on behalf of residents.”

Note to editors

Photographers are welcome at the event.