Published on 19th April 2012

Sandford Park

Cheltenham Borough Council has provided volunteers from County Community Project (CCP) an opportunity to learn new skills and gain work experience to help them get back into work.

Cheltenham Borough Council community rangers and CCP volunteers will be replanting the rockery area of Sandford Park on Thursday 19 April to enhance the area for visitors. Over the past few weeks the pond has been weeded and all the silt removed to provide a better environment for wildlife.

Young people living within County Community Project’s supported accommodation have been given the opportunity to gain important work experience through Cheltenham Borough Council by helping community rangers maintain and improve local parks.

The participants will be able to add the work experience to their portfolio / CV and better their chance of gaining employment and/or college places in the future.

A member of County Community Project’s staff oversees the work, with two recently employed apprentices in support. It is hoped the two apprentices will acquire responsibility of the maintenance throughout the seasons and will offer support at peak times.

Cordell Ray, chief executive officer (CCP) “I am grateful to Cheltenham Borough Council for giving CCP the opportunity to assist with maintaining the parks and gardens of Cheltenham. It provides an excellent platform for unemployed people to support their local area together with giving them vital work experience and helping to build their CV.

Unemployment should be a concern for us all, in particular amongst young people, and it is exactly this type of opportunity, built on a project to improve the environment and benefit the local community, that will help people into future employment. I hope to see more of this type of scheme in the future.”

Wilf Tomaney, urban design manager, "Funding has come from the Cheltenham Environment Fund, which was established by the Borough Council using the Government's New Homes Bonus money, to fund projects in the town which have a positive environmental effect."