Published on 27th April 2012

Voting form and pencil

There are only a few days to go until local elections take place. 89,163 people are eligible to vote in the Cheltenham 2012 elections.

We want to remind local residents that their vote is important and to make sure they are fully prepared for Thursday 3 May. It is particularly important for those voting by post to fill in their ballot papers privately and return them as soon as possible.

The borough election in 2010 saw a turn out of 65.62%. Andrew North, chief executive at Cheltenham Borough Council is reminding people that they need to vote on 3 May if they are to have their say at the local elections. He said: “Councillors are there to represent your wishes in your local community. They provide a vital link between the local authority and the communities in which they serve.

“Councillors have an obligation to lead and identify opportunities for change in a wide range of subjects which affect the areas in which we live, to identify skills and resources within communities and to bring them together for the greater good.

“By voting at the local elections you get to have a say in who you want to represent your local community.”
In the run-up to the polls, Cheltenham Borough Council, the police and the Electoral Commission have been working to prevent and detect any cases of electoral fraud.

Electoral fraud is rare, but it is a serious offence. We are urging anyone who has evidence it may be taking place to report it to the police for investigation.

Have your say and vote on Thursday 3 May. To find your polling station, visit


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