Published on 14th May 2012

Works continue to make properties safe.

The emergency coordination team met at 9.30am today to review the situation in Rosehill Street particularly around 11 properties that have been affected by Thursday night’s explosion. The main priority is to work with residents and their insurance companies to ensure the neighbouring properties are safe and stable before any demolition work can take place.

Due to the complexity of the work involved, no figures can be given about how many properties will need to be demolished. Demolition is therefore not likely to start until at least midweek, so no timescale can be given at this point about when residents can return to the 11 affected properties.

Due to the need to get large vehicles into the street the council will work with Gloucestershire Highways to put in a temporary traffic management scheme, which may involve some short term disruption for local residents. More information will be provided on this but we hope local residents will remain understanding.

In the mean time the council will continue to provide 24/7 security for these properties. We remain in close contact with all the residents in the affected properties to manage their welfare and continuing housing needs.

The council is asking Rosehill residents to call 01242 262626 if they require anymore information.