Published on 22nd May 2012

Come along and try out our new BOKWA session. The latest dance/exercise craze to hit the country!

Based on African dances, Kick Boxing and Shadow Boxing, BOKWA will give you the cardio workout that you need while enjoying a fun time learning a new routine.  If you like Zumba then you will love BOKWA.

BOKWA is derived from a combination of two words. "BO" represents the light boxing and "KWA" representing the cultural and traditional dance Kwaito.

It is an intense cardiovascular workout combined with South African war dance, Capoeira, Kickboxing and Steps. It has been proven to burn a great amount of calories making it easier for weight loss goals. It is fast paced extreme movement, fun, challenging, and an energizing total body workout.

Stephen Petherick, commercial manager, leisure@cheltenham: “This great new exercise offers even more variety for those aiming to keep fit. It is fun and energetic and guaranteed to make you sweat! If it is popular we may make it a permanent class.”

Councillor Rowena Hay, cabinet member for sport and culture: “Exercise is so important in today’s modern lifestyle. Different forms of exercise will encourage people to live healthier lifestyles.”

The free sessions to members and non-members will take place on: Saturday 26 May 10:00-11:00am and Sunday 27 May 9:30-10:30am