Published on 6th July 2012

Due to the wet weather, Cheltenham Midsummer Fiesta which was due to take place tomorrow (Saturday 7 July) has been cancelled.

After further inspection of Montpellier Gardens this afternoon, the fiesta committee has been advised that even if the rain eases, the ground is now waterlogged and that for safety reasons, the fiesta should be cancelled.

Andy Hayes, Hester’s Way Partnership Manager, says: “We are very sorry we have had to cancel as unfortunately we cannot be sure of everyone’s safety on site tomorrow.

“We will be at Montpellier Gardens in the morning to inform local residents that the event is cancelled. And we would like to ask people to help us by spreading the word to their friends and family who were planning to attend the event.

“Thank you for your support – we are very sorry but we really feel we have had no choice.”

Helen Down, partnerships officer for Cheltenham Borough Council, says: “We are really disappointed that the poor weather has forced us to cancel this event. It has been very difficult trying to access the park today to set up and our concerns are for both people’s safety and causing long term damage to the park.

“We will be meeting next week to decide whether we be able reschedule the event this year.”