Published on 27th July 2012


The Food Standards Agency is warning people not to eat a certain batch of Italian olives sold in jars after one person became ill with botulism poisoning after eating them.

It has issued a Food Alert for Action.

Investigations are continuing to establish where the jar of olives was bought, as well as other places they may be on sale. However, it has been confirmed that the implicated batch of olives was labelled I DIVINI di Chicco Francesco with the ‘best before date’ 10/06/2014 and lot number 161/11.

The name Olive Bella di Cerignola, which appears on the label, refers to the type of olive contained in the jar. This type of olive is distributed under a number of different brand names but only the I DIVINI di Chicco Francesco brand is associated with this incident.

Label details

The information on the label of the olives includes:

Product name on label, which is variety of olive: Olive Bella di Cerignola
Weight: 580g
Brand: I DIVINI di Chicco Francesco:
Via Catalani, 3-Andria (BA)
Best before date: 10/06/2014
Lot 161/11

For more information visit the Food Standards Agency

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